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What is Prescription Compounding?

Prescription compounding is the alteration of a drug to fit the unique needs of individual patients. This customization process, performed at a pharmacy by specially trained professionals, is often necessary for both medical and non-medical reasons. For example, a patient might need a compounded prescription because of allergies to a particular ingredient, in which case that ingredient would need to be removed from the drug. Other patients might need a drug altered from pill form to liquid form for easier intake. Compounding can also help obtain exact drug doses prescribed by physicians.

As you can see from the options above, many forms of prescription compounding exist, from chronic pain management drugs to the simple (and fun!) process of altering drug flavors for children and pets - all of which are performed at our pharmacy in Billings, MT. To learn more about each process and the opportunities they provide, please click on any of the options above or feel free to contact us.

Compounding makes for some really good stories. Stories of new beginnings and happier endings. Stories of strength, comfort and confidence. Stories of hope. Stories that illustrate just how powerful personalized medicine can be. It’s the power of these stories that PCCA is showcasing in our new It’s Personal Campaign. At the heart of our campaign are video stories — shared by patients, practitioners and pharmacists — that show how compounding is making a difference in people’s lives. At right are a few of the stories you’ll see on

Prescription compounding success stories Introduction

A Patient Gets Her Life Back

Pharmacist Testimony

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