CPAP Resupply Program


CPAP Resupply Program.

At Juro’s Pharmacy Health and Wellness, we’re committed to making your sleep apnea therapy as comfortable and effective as possible. Thanks to our Wellness Check-in program with ResMed ReSupply, we’ve made optimizing your therapy and replacing your CPAP supplies easy, fast, and worry-free.

Replacing your CPAP supplies regularly is an important part of maximizing your therapy, and 7 in 10 CPAP patients say they sleep better after replacing their supplies. Keeping track of when to order new supplies can be confusing, as some CPAP supplies should be replaced more frequently than others. Do you know how often your sleep supplies should be replaced? Click the button below for an exact schedule!


Ordering your CPAP supplies will always be easy. We'll verify and bill your insurance for you and drop shipping your supplies to your home is always FREE! With our proactive resupply program, we not only support you in your therapy, we become your resupply calendar.

When it’s time to replace your supplies, you’ll receive a phone call from Faith, our helpful phone guide, on the number you provided to us during your set-up. She will ask you a series of questions on how you’re doing with your therapy and the condition of your equipment. Based on your responses and depending on your insurance eligibility for new supplies, we’ll process your request accordingly.

To get started, fill out the form below or give us a call today!