Faith and Health

At Juro's we believe there is a mind, body, and spirit connection to our health and wellness.  Our hope is to share with you some resources we feel may help in your healing process.  Thank you for visiting this very important page.

When you are having health issues it is easy to fall into the "worry" trap.  The God's RX series by James B. Gills MD focuses on how stress, fear, and worry all contribute to illness and disrupt the effectiveness of healing.

God's Rx for Fear and Worry: Biblical Wisdom Confirmed by Science

By: James P. Gills 

Jesus gives you a clear command about worry: don’t do it! He wouldn’t have commanded you not to fear and worry so many times if it were impossible. Yet worry and fear are most people’s first reactions to circumstance. This reaction can seem unstoppable. But there is a cure—being thankful. Stress, fear, and worry all contribute to illness and disrupt the effectiveness of healing. Peace can be found when you:

  • Let go of fear
  • Trade worry for calm
  • Thank God for your relationship with Him
  • Trust Him to handle everything in your life, both now and in the future

God is sovereign. He promises to never leave you or forsake you. In these pages, you will examine your fears and worries and discover how a thankful heart is indeed God’s Rx for Fear and Worry.

  • This book helps people apply biblical truth to one of their greatest concerns while providing a path to hope and healing.
  • The book concludes with a list of scriptures pertaining to the topic (fear, worry, healing, peace, joy, hope, etc.).
Other titles in God's Rx Series:

Author Bio

James P. Gills, MD, is the founder of St. Luke’s Cataract and Laser Institute in Tarpon Springs, Florida. In addition to earning a reputation as the most experienced cataract surgeon in the world, he has dedicated his life to restoring more than physical vision. Dr. Gills has been an active author about spiritual topics for many years. His books include Love: Fulfilling the Ultimate Quest, Darwinism Under the Microscope, Come Unto Me, and the God’s Rx series.

God, Medicine, and Miracles

by Daniel Fountain, M.D.

Have you every gone into a doctor's office and come out felling like a laboratory project rather than a human being?

This book offers a refreshing perspective.  In Dr. Daniels forty years in the medical community, he has discovered an important truth: people find a more complete healing when treated as integrated persons-with minds as wells as bodies, emotions as well as muscles, spirits as well as skin.  Through real-life stories and insightful studies, Fountain uses his experience to explore a balanced relationship between faith, medicine, and ultimate spiritual hope.

What is the spiritual factor in healing?  Can miracles and medicine have any relation to each other?  Dr. Daniel Fountain helps readers rethink concepts about the underlying connection between faith, wholeness, and healing in the articulate and careful study.  Through balanced and detailed research on the nature of healing, illness, medical care-giving and Scriptural faith, Dr. Fountain leads  readers through a discussion of the relationship between medicine and miracles.

Author Bio

Dr. Fountain is a faculty member of the Christian Medical and Dental Society and a recognized authority for his work with AIDS patients. He is the founder and former director of several health programs and hospitals in Africa, serves as an international health consultant for MAP International, and has received numerous awards for community health service.

Juro's is happy to share with you Finding Balance which we hope will assist you in your journey with health and faith.  Finding Balance is a 501c non-profit connecting people with information, books, devotionals and support groups that we hope will open your eyes to the possibilities of ways to help in your care.  Finding Balance's philosophy is a non diet, intuitive-eating approach to food and freedom. 

Finding Balance

Their programs include:

"The Daily Vitamin":  An a FREE short e-devotional message designed to specifically for those seeking greater balance with eating, body image and life management.