Rental Equipment

Why rent your equipment from Juro's? 

We carry a wide variety of medical equipment to assist with mobility or comfort issues after surgery or to aid in you indoor/outdoor mobility should the need arise. Here is a partial list of the equipment we can provide. Call, contact us or stop by and speak with one of our knowledgeable Home Care Consultants to rent equipment.

Hospital Beds:


Hospital bed 4 way w/mattress and rails


Also available:
Hospital bed 6 way w/mattress and rails
Bariatric Hospital bed w/mattress and rails

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Abelift: Portable Electric Recliner


Portable & Motorized - Adjustable Bed Recliner


Also available:
Post-surgery recovery - great for keeping the head or legs raised
Helps those who benefit from sleeping at an incline - acid reflux or congestion
Caregiver safety - easily helps lifts the ones being cared for from their bed
Anyone with limited mobility needs a little extra help adjusting their position in bed

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Standard wheelchair (K1)


Also available:
Standard wheelchair (Hemi-low seat)
Lightweight wheelchair
High-strength Lightweight wheelchair
Heavy duty wheelchair
Extra Heavy duty (bariatric->350lbs) wheelchair
Elevated Leg Rest

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Lift Chair:


Golden lift chair


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Knee Scooter:


Knee scooter


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Electric 3 wheel scooter


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Ramps (Trifold 6ft., 8ft., or 10ft)


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Patient Lifts:


Sit to Stand lift (sling purchased separately)


Hoyer lift (sling purchased separately)


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Ask us about other home medical equipment for rent!

* If your insurance policy qualifies you for rental equipment, your insurance company’s portion of the payment will be applied toward the price of the equipment in accordance with your Insurance guidelines. Based upon applicable insurance rules, remaining balances due after insurance may be the customer’s responsibility.