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Respiratory Care.

Take Control of Respiratory Health with Juro's Pharmacy!

Respiratory health doesn't have to hold you back from living your life. Juro's Pharmacy offers a variety of respiratory resources to enable you to continue experiencing life to the fullest. If you suffer from Sleep Apnea, respiratory management starts with the right equipment, and your friends at Juro's are here to help.

Take Control of Respiratory Health

SoClean CPAP Cleaner Image

SoClean is a quick, simple to use CPAP cleaner that fits all popular mask types and CPAP machines. SoClean kills 99% of CPAP mold, bacteria and viruses in the user's mask, hose and reservoir.

SoClean CPAP Cleaner
CPAP Pillow Image

Traditional bed pillows make it hard for CPAP users to stay compliant as their masks shifts from the contact of their pillow. CPAP pillows works with all major brands and styles of masks.

CPAP Pillow
Sleep Apnea Testing

Don't lose good days to bad nights. Schedule your free, at-home Sleep Apnea test from Juro's Pharmacy to help diagnose your sleep apnea and reduce the risks associated with it!

Sleep Apnea Testing

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