Sports Medicine Compounding

Sports medicine

Sports medicine compounding for quicker recovery time.

The secret professional athletes use to get back in the game is pharmaceutical compounding and it's available to everyone - not just the pros. Whether you're a professional who gets paid to play through pain, a high school player recovering from a team sport injury, or a weekend warrior trying to ease muscle pain during the work week, compounding can provide huge benefits for every kind of athlete. Pharmacists, working closely with both the athletic patient and a physician or trainer, can prepare customized dosage strengths, potency and delivery systems unique to you.

Unique Dosage Forms

Make sure your active and healthy lifestyle stays that way.

Another important benefit is the compounding pharmacist's ability to alter the delivery system of medications. Capsules and tablets taken orally must pass through a patient's digestive tract before making their way into the system. For anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxants and other medications, this can result in lessened potency and some gastrointestinal side effects. A compounding pharmacist can prepare custom topical creams, transdermal gels or solutions that are not otherwise available. Athletes of every type can benefit from compounding. Swimmers can receive treatment for swimmer's ear and fungal problems. Bowlers need relief from stresses on wrist, fingers or joints and lower arms. Joggers and walkers deal with swelling and muscle pain. Almost any repetitive sport, including golf, tennis and softball, can lead to chronic injuries resulting from overuse.

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